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Big Banana Car Video

Right This Minute TV Show
Steve Braithwaite has made a car out of an old pickup truck. And the best part is it's 100% street legal!

I love my Bananas so much , I dreamed I was riding in a giant BANANA! The Song is called "Be bop" and was composed by me

Filmed at the
2011 Who Hill Family Picnic

Steve Braithwaite built a big banana car and plans to drive it around the world to raise awareness of deep vein thrombosis.


Very funny car I spotted while driving in my work truck. Very funny to see a banana on wheels driving down the highway in the rain. Very cool people though at least they waved back.., lol

Found while driving home one Saturday morning.

Banana Car on Route 90!

This delicious bad boy was chasing me on the turnpike.

Jackie Shutack of WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News in Allentown PA did a feature on us.


Banana Car driving down the highway. Crazy Stuff.