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Driver: Steve Braithwaite

Photo of Steve Braithwaite standing in front of the banana car donor vehicle.

Steve Braithwaite

Listen to Steve on the radio broadcasting under his radio name "Steve Saxon"
WDIY Radio Show June 5th 2010
WDIY Radio Show June 26th 2010
WDIY Radio Show July 10th 2010
WDIY Radio Show August 21st 2010
WDIY Radio Show August 28th 2010
WDIY Radio Show September 11th 2010

Steve Braithwaite
Steve (Harry) Braithwaite

Steve Braithwaite, Radio DJ - Internet Explorer - Adventurer and owner of Webhosting, was born at a very early age in the picturesque town of Woodstock in Oxfordshire, England, under the inauspicious sign of Taurus. As a youngster, like a moth to the flame, he was attracted to all things yellow. The movie "American Graffiti" channeled his attraction toward yellow hotrods and then a chance meeting with a basket of fruit in a gas station narrowed his focus even further and an idea was born.

"Why not build an enormous banana car and drive it around the world?"

A ridiculous idea he'll be the first to admit.

"A few years ago I did a very foolish thing." says Steve. "I rode a motorcycle across India. I say it was a foolish thing to do because every day since then I have spent too many of my waking hours wistfully dreaming of dusty third world roads."

"You can read the story of my trip across India here"

Contact Details:
Google Voice: (717) 746-8763
USA: (810) 444-2792

Skype: hotrodsteve

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Photo of Ron Kutt.

Ron Kutt.

Ron is welding all the important parts together to ensure our trip around the world is successful by staying in one piece.

Ron is the owner of a small part-time welding company located in Sellersville, PA called RK Services, with the dreams of one day turning this vision into his full-time business. The birth of RK Services was in 1996 and Ron is a 3rd generation welder who believes in doing the job right and at a reasonable price. He is “A Kutt Above the Rest”.

Like the name, he does a variety of services from equipment repair, modifications and custom fabrication. RK Services can do projects at his small shop or can come to you with a mobile welding unit.

For a free estimate or to reach Ron, he can be contacted at 267-718-8604.

Phgotograph of Steve Myers

Steve Myers.

Videographer, web designer and all around useful guy.

Steve shot most of the video for the early stages of the movie in Michigan and also some in Ohio. He has been instrumental in getting the project off the ground and moving it forward.

He owns his own internet radio station at along with many other websites.

Photo of Mark Steele standing next to the Big banana car

Mark Steele.

Auto body expert and general automotive expert.

Mark has his own body shop in Bowling Green, Ohio. He has an astounding knowledge of all things automotive and the skills needed to repair and restore vintage automobiles.

The banana car project was started at Marks Bowling Green location and with his help progressed very quickly.

Photo of Glen Lewis working on the Big banana car

Glen Lewis.

Glen is not only a very skilled auto mechanic but he is someone who doesn't need much direction. Give him the basic outline of a job and he goes non stop, working quietly until suddenly you look over and it's finished.


Photo of Gene Toner the elder.

Kelli and Rob.

Kelli and Rob deserve a big thank you. They have helped the Big Banana Car project in many ways from filming to junkyard trips to heavy lifting when swapping the engine.

Photo of Gene Toner the elder.

Gene Toner (The Elder).

I needed some Fiero seats and had been driving past a house that had a couple of Fiero's in the yard. I stopped to enquire about them having no notion that the home owner was a huge car nut. We got chatting about the big banana car and Gene was hooked.

Photo of Gene Toner the younger..

Gene Toner (The Younger).

Gene is a very skilled auto mechanic and sees solutions before I have even noticed the problem.

It's been fun having a pair of "Genes" working on the banana car.

Photo of the sandblasting crew Glenn Singer and Leo Moyer.

Custom Services Company. Sandblasting

Glenn Singer and Leo Moyer of CustomServicesCompany sandblasted the very rusty F150 frame. It was an extremely hot day and we all remarked on how hardworking Glenn was. He had to wear a lot of protective clothing and must have been absolutely boiling as he crawled around, over and under the big banana car frame spraying every inch with a powerful blast of sand. The frame came out looking fantastic! Glenn not so much.

Glenn Singer
Custom Services Company Inc.
768 N. West End Blvd.
Phone: (215) 536-5339
Fax: (215) 536-6923

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Photo of The Yerkes Automotive Team.

Yerkes Auto.

I called in the experts to plum the brakes. The team from Yerkes Auto in Quakertown ran all the brake lines, hooked up the master cylinder and booster and bled the system to give me a strong brake pedal.

Yerkes Auto
1916 Quarry Road
Phone: (610) 346-7098

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Hoover Steel logo

Hoover Steel.

Ron buys a lot of his steel supplies at Hoover Steel in Schwenksville, PA and they provided him with some of his needs at no charge.

Hoover Steel
4841 Garges Road
Phone: (610) 287-8855

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C&B Iron in Quakertown Pennsylvania.

C & B Iron.

Steve has bought a lot of the steel he used from C & B Iron in Quakertown

C&B Iron
100 Richlandtown Pike
Phone: (215) 536-7162

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Broadway Speed Shop.

John and his crew did the "Specially Constructed Vehicle" inspection and the first Pennsylvania annual safety inspection.

Broadway Speedshop
1118 Broadway
Fountain Hill,
Phone: (610) 865-1020

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Photo of the Unknown Mechanic working on the big banana car electrics.

Mike Hinkle (The Formally Unknown Mechanic)

I had heard stories of a mechanic in the area that sounded too unlikely to believe. Tall tales of a "Mechanics" mechanic. A guy that other auto repair shop owners go to when they are stumped.

With some vague verbal directions whispered in a hushed voice I set out on a quest to find this man and enroll him in the Big Banana Car project. After a winding twisting journey through the roads of Pennsylvania I found myself standing before the gate to his kingdom. However, it was after 5pm on a Friday and he had gone home for the weekend.
With a tear in my eye I turned and left, vowing to return on Monday.

When I went back on Monday I outlined the big banana car build and trip and the particular needs I had and stood back as he pondered my request and I nervously awaited his decision.

"I'll help you" he said "on one condition. That I stay in the shadows with no publicity"
"Certainly" I said "Not a problem"
I presumed that he wanted to help but was embarrassed about working on a huge banana and didn't want his friends to find out but it turns out that, unlike me, he is just a very humble guy and simply wants to avoid the lime light.

I'm hoping he will reconsider his anonymity and will at some point agree to letting me release his name. (He now has)

Mike Hinkle - The Formally Unknown Mechanic
Whereabouts Unknown
Phone (616) UNK-NOWN

Photo of Tim Carver

Tim Carver.

I have bought a lot of supplies from Keystone Automotive in Bethlehem PA and while I was there one day I casually asked if anyone knows of someone who would like to help out with the big banana car body work.
A few days later I received a call from Tim who has now spent quite a few hours filling and sanding, filling and sanding.

This is a picture of the crew at JL Auto Body who painted the Big Banana Car yellow.

Matt Kelly and Lindsey Joy Delozier

We were working on the Big Banana Car outside the workshop and a little black car pulled in the driveway with strange writing all over it. The owner is Matt Kelly and he had driven it all across Canada and Russia and he listened to the details of our project with great enthusiasm. He and his girlfriend Lindsay stopped by the next day and helped get the car ready for paint.

This is a picture of the crew at JL Auto Body who painted the Big Banana Car yellow.

JL Auto Body.

Jim Lacy and his team (Jim, Jim and Jim) did a really wonderful job of laying down the yellow base paint.

They were very nice to work with and Jim himself had an almost constant grin and kept shaking his head in mirth every few minutes.

JL Auto Body
825 Bethlehem Pike
Phone: (215) 822-0988

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Rick Willens (Airbrush Artist).

Rick writes: "I first saw the BBC (Big Banana Car) in a news article and thought, " This is something, I'd like to be a part of"...SO...I volunteered my airbrushing ability after contacting Steve and introduced him to Jim Lacey of J&L Auto Body to do the Base coating. I got my chance to "work my magic", and I Airbrushed the BBC to look, Just Like a REAL Banana. The Airbrushing took about 5 hours with Steve directing and Liz Filming and Jim mixing the colors. I think it looks GREAT.... What a thrill to see the BBC go through this transformation from just a a BIG BANANA CAR!!!! I'm GLAD I was a Part of it! Bon Voyage!".

And I must say that Rick did an excellent job! The most common comment I have heard since he airbrushed it is "Wow, it really does look like a banana with the green fading"

Phone: (267) 312-3817

Keystone Automotive Bethlehem PA.

Most of the fibreglass and bodywork supplies came from Keystone and because I was in there so often they got to hear all about the Big Banana Car.
Cathy mentioned it to her boss and they very kindly offered to provide the banana yellow paint.

Keystone Automotive
3658 Route 378
800-441-4200 parts
800-355-7246 paint

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Melody Lakes Tire and Auto.

Liz has been getting her vehicles worked on at Melody Lakes Auto on 309 in Quakertown for many years and when they heard about the Big Banana Car they offered us four brand new tires.

Melody Lakes Tire and Auto
1113 North West End Boulevard
Phone: (215) 536-8511

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